Only Sometimes on Late Afternoons (2019)

A Given Space (2019)

Degrees of Transparency (2018)

You Are Here (2017-ongoing)

Recto Verso (2016-2017)

Unwashed Dishes (2016)

Lemon Studies (2015-2016)

Heda (2013)


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CV Lonneke de Groot (pdf)


Galerie Ron Mandos, Special Best of Graduate Editions with works by five RM Photo Talent Award winners. A photograph from the Heda series is available as edition print. You can order it here. Or visit Galerie Ron Mandos at Unseen 2021.
W139 / Dead Darlings, Online benefit auction Love for Sale, 12 – 14 February 2021
– Nominated for the Victoriefondscultuurprijs 2020, category: visual arts
Exhibition Victoriefondscultuurprijs, Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar, 29 August – 22 November 2020


AMC Magazine (NL)
Wallpaper* Magazine (EN)
Glamcult Magazine (NL)
Foam (EN)


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    cards and poem, 2020 (available: 5,- per set + shippingcosts, send me an email)

    Images: Lonneke de Groot
    Poem: Estelle Boelsma
    Design: Mariko Okazaki

    publication, 2013 (sold out)

    Look with All Your Eyes Look! George Perec and the Photographic Gaze on Space, from Atget to Gefeller
    Text: Lonneke de Groot
    Design: Mariko Okazaki
    Booklet Library

    Exhibition view

    Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar (NL), 2020